Douglas H. Sanders, Partner

No-Fault Attorney Douglas H. Sanders, Esq.
Douglas H. Sanders

Douglas H. Sanders graduated from Duke University with honors in 1996. He attended George Washington University Law School where he graduated from in June of 2000. While in law school, Mr. Sanders interned at the Department of Justice and worked on the Oklahoma Bombing Case. He received distinguished marks for his performance there.

Thereafter, Mr. Sanders joined his family firm, Sanders, Sanders, Block, Woycik, Viener & Grossman, P.C. He handled a large body of personal injury cases. Additionally, he supervised the pleadings and motions departments and attended court conferences and conducted depositions. In 2001, he joined Sanders & Grossman, P.C. and engaged in the practice of no fault medical billing collections. Mr. Sanders became that firm's operations managing partner in charge of human resources, technology, program development and legal process.

He continued that role in Sanders, Grossman, Fass & Muhlstock, P.C. that later merged with Baker, Barshay, Neuwirth, LLP to become Baker, Sanders, Barshay, Grossman, Fass, Muhlstock & Neuwirth, LLC -- now knows as Baker Sanders, L.L.C. Mr. Sanders also is a member of Sanders Viener Grossman, LLP. That firm specializes in mass torts litigation. His role in that firm is to handle heavy motion work and appellate practice. He is admitted to practice in the state courts of Arizona, Georgia, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York and Ohio. He is also admitted to the federal courts of Georgia, Michigan, and New York.

Mr. Sanders focus on overseeing the development and process of the consumer debt division of Baker Sanders, L.L.C. He is the managing operations partner responsible with building the collector floors, legal process and implementing the firm's legal collection strategy.

Currently, Mr. Sanders works in the Puerto Rico location of Sanders Phillips Grossman, LLC supervising the operation handling mass torts litigation including intake, records retrieval, pre-litigation support, litigation and settlement administration oversight.

Most recently, Mr. Sanders spoke at the 2016 Puerto Rico Investor Summit.