Mass Torts

In addition to personal injury practice, our network of law firms and our attorneys are currently at the forefront of various mass tort litigation cases around the country. Often, people are confused between mass tort and regular personal injury cases.

To dispell some of the confusion, mass torts involves large numbers of claims that are associated with a single product. Despite the number of claimants, there is a commonality of factual and legal issues. There is also a value interdependence between the different claims. In order to accomodate all of the collective claimants within a mass tort litigation, consolidation of cases often take place on large-scale matters and are then handled by a single court.

Some of the current mass tort cases that our firm is handling include transvaginal mesh, Risperdal, onglyza, IVC filters, bair hugger blankets, Xarelto and Invokana.

Mass Tort cases can be lengthy and resource-exhaustive, that is why selecting the right law firm is pivotal element between a successful claim or an undersettled check.

Our law firm houses a large staff of attorneys, paralegal and support staff, secretaries and clerks who work together to help individuals such as yourself obtain compensation for their injuries. Injuries that have been incurred nevertheless by the negligence of others.

The hallmark of our firm is its unique capacity to achieve favorable results while offering comprehensive care to every client. We combine a distinguished history of leadership in personal injury claims, a substantial foundation of resources, and a pool of exceedingly skilled and tenacious legal talent.

We are confident that with our firm's experience and vast resources you will see outstanding results.

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